The Men of Stevie Nicks Valentines

Anonymous: Since we all love Stevie's interviews with Jim Ladd, would you mind sharing all of them? I had no idea she did so many.

I have a lot! I’ll start working on getting them up tonight but it’ll take me a bit because most are on my computer from CDs and are in a ton of separate parts (that annoy me). So I like to edit them into one file and edit it to make it as clear as possible (some are transferred through cassette). Then it takes like forever to upload to mediafire since some of these interviews are like over an hour long. But I think I have every interview she’s done with him and I will upload them all this week. 

Track: Gypsy (Short Piano Demo)
Artist: Stevie Nicks
Plays: 537

For the anon who requested a piano demo of Gypsy. Here’s a short piano demo from 1980. I say short because the other piano demo that circulates a lot is the absolutely ridiculous 18 minute (yes 18 minute!) long Gypsy demo. And here’s the mediafire download link

I think it’s gorgeous and it’s one of my favorite versions of Gypsy, along with the rockin’ Gypsy from the reel with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers that I posted here and the acoustic live Gypsy with Lindsey that I posted here. 

Anonymous: I've just read about a Stevie interview with Jim Ladd from 2005. Do you have it?

Yes I do. Here’s the download link. Sorry it took a bit to reply, mediafire was really slow to upload it and it’s fairly long (almost an hour long). I love this interview by the way. Stevie’s always so funny with Jim Ladd, she lets her guard down. And I love how Jim just keeps reminding her how hot she is. “Well… DAMN!” 

Anonymous: do you have an interview that jim ladd did with the whole band in 1976 i think, and if you do can you post it and share a download link?

Yes I have it. Here ya go. By the way, Jim Ladd is bar none my favorite of anybody who has interviewed Stevie. I kind of like the 1983 Afterview one best. I already uploaded it, check the post out here.  :) 

Track: Gypsy Reel - Take #5
Artist: Stevie Nicks
Album: Master Reel #74
Plays: 1917

My favorite version of Gypsy. From a master reel with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers dated 4/3/80. It’s basically Gypsy, if Gypsy randomly started rocking out. I’m in love with the raw vocals and the wicked ending. Here’s the download link. Enjoy. 

Other Side of The Mirror Press Conference

Here’s a short press conference (19 mins long) in Holland about the Other Side Of The Mirror.

My favorite part is when one reporter brings up her recent stay at the Betty Ford Center and asks “Did you have a drug problem?”, and she answers with “WELL I DIDN’T GO THERE TO HAVE A GOOD TIME!” and everybody cracks up, then she refuses to talk any more about it when he keeps pushing for more info. Sassy klono’d out Stevie is the best. 

And here’s the download link…

Track: Snoopy!
Plays: 707

Back to ridiculously wild bootlegs from The Wild Heart Tour, here’s another fave: Austin, Texas 1983. Her all-round drunkenness is wonderful, but the best part of the show is definitely the saga of the Snoopy stuffed animal that somebody gives her during Dreams. Then during the show she continues to update the crowd on “Gemini Snoopy” and his loyalty to her. 

"Thunder only happens when it’s raini- SNOOPY!" 

Other great moments: "Do you know who this is REALLY about? No you don’t! But I do!" before Sara, "I love teddy bears!", "I have to leave now. Cause this is like part of the show. So like, just cool out here. It’s gonna be cool."

Here’s the mediafire download link to the whole Austin show 

Track: Stevie's Adlibs from Dallas 83
Plays: 1227

Uploading my favorite bootleg ever tonight, the infamous Dallas show from The Wild Heart Tour. Quite possibly my favorite era ever due to Stevie in her drunken coked up glory ad-libbing lyrics, yelling completely random things during songs, slurring, and her all-round fucked-up-ness (US Fest 83 anybody?) To sum it up, it was WILD.

Here’s my favorite show from that tour, with highlights such as: “In the still of the night… I refuse to carry equipment…”, “To the floor…. I SLEEP ON THE FLOOR! Either bunk beds, or on the floor.”, “They say you’re not the man for me. What do THEY know?”, “Mick says it’s just one more link, Stevie. One more link in the goddamn chain!”, announcing the Cowboys football score, and rambling about her ‘notable’ ZZ Top keychain that ‘nobody else has’.

Here’s a link to the full show on mediafire. Enjoy!